Events and Parties


Battle hosting for events and parties includes providing all the gear and Heralding (refereeing) services to ensure safe conduct and quality, respectful game play. If you would like battles hosted for an event or party, please email us about what you would be interested in and we’ll see what we can do for you!


-$5/hour per player for “B” grade gear- single heavy blue per player
-$10/hour per player: “A” grade gear- speed bat w/stab and shield per player.

-We also charge a $0.50/mile travel fee from our shop in West Asheville to the location and back.


Suggested Size:

We always suggest having at least 10 players for 2 hours, because those are good minimums to make the games more fun. It takes about an hour to really teach new players how to play, and then another hour to play the more fun and complex games. Less than 10 players is doable, but the bigger and better games are harder to play with small groups, and more players make it more fun!

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