Summer Camp


2018 Peaceful Warrior Summer Camp Signup is now open!

Please email to register.

The cost is $333 for one week, or $633 for two weeks or two campers.

Camp will run from 9am-3pm each day, and each camper must bring their own lunch and a snack.

Camp will be located at Rainbow Community School and Omega Middle School, which share a campus located at 574 Haywood Road and 62 State Street in West Asheville. Drop off and pick up will be from the field next to Omega, or from the Omega auditorium in the case of inclement weather.  

The Peaceful Warrior Camp is dedicated to teaching children ages 9-15 how to be a modern day warrior that deeply values peace, compassion, and respect for themselves and their opponents. Each week will include large amounts of boffer game play using all different kinds of gear, but we will focus on studying the style of one warrior archetype and honing the abilities that they utilize in the game and the rest of life! The mornings will be more physically active, focusing on game play and ability training. The afternoons will be less physically demanding during the heat of the day, with time and activities focused on learning how to become our own unique versions of the warrior archetype for the week.

Week of the Paladin: June 11-15. Specializing in sword and shield style combat, the Paladin is a warrior that embodies Devotion, Honor, and Leadership.

Week of the Ranger: June 25-29. Specializing in ranged combat using archery and javelins, the Ranger is a warrior that embodies Adaptability, Dexterity, and Wildcraft.

Week of the Monk: July 9-13. Specializing in staff and unarmed combat, the Monk is a warrior that embodies Serenity, Perception, and Grace.

Week of the Barbarian: July 23-27. Specializing in two-handed and large weapon combat, the Barbarian is a warrior that embodies Resilience, Strength, and Wildness.

Week of the Rogue: August 6-10. Specializing in dual weapon combat and stealth, the Rogue is a warrior that embodies Precision, Resourcefulness, and Patience.

Here are some photos from last Summer’s camps:


Archery at Rainbow Mountain during the Monk Week of Peaceful Warrior Camp


The crew at the Essence of the Hero Camp at Shaman Hill


Javelin target practice at Carolina Day School camp

Last year’s poster:

Peaceful Warrior Camp Poster sm.jpg

Knight Week change-

Paladin Week is the new name for Knight Week, with the same great content from last summer and a number of improvements and new things! We decided to change the name to Paladin week so that all of our camps are based around actual character classes from Dungeons and Dragons, which have numerous great and diverse resources based around each of these archetypes. You may want to look up information about these character classes in order to better understand what these archetypes are about, and we will be utilizing D&D character information and character building sheets during the camp as well!