Sword Training



Many players in all the different after school programs, and attendees to all of our events on Sundays and at festivals, have expressed that they would like to have more opportunities to play the game during the week and have direct training on how to improve their skills. Sword Training is our answer to those requests, with an hour devoted to game play followed by an hour devoted to specific skill training catered to each player.


Mondays from 4-6pm throughout the school year. Players can attend both hours or only attend the first or second if they choose, with 4-5pm focused on game play, and 5-6pm  focused on skill training. During the summer we will be primarily focused on summer camps instead, but may also continue with sword training in the early evening depending on scheduling conflicts. If enough interest is shown on Mondays, we would like to expand the program to multiple days of the week, and ideally every day of the week as a martial arts dojo!


68 Kentucky Dr, Asheville NC, 28806. This is our training facility in West Asheville, where we also live and make/sell gear. We have an outdoor ampitheater-style field space, as well as an indoor warehouse practice space for use during inclement weather. When you show up, please follow the signs to drive up the driveway, drop off students and gear, and then exit through another driveway.


The first class is free! After that, the classes cost $80 for a month of full classes, and $40 for a month of half classes.